PowerApps Portals Project Ramp-Up: Requirements Gathering (User Management)

Mon, Jan 6, 2020

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This post will give insights on requirements gathering for the user management, which are specific to PowerApps Portals. Use this compilation of best practices in your requirements gathering process before the project starts and during project delivery.

User Management

A crucial aspect to an effective solution for the Portal users is the user-in process. This will likely be the first touch point and therefore the first impression those users will have. From my experience, the customer has a clear picture of which functionality the Portal has to cover. But the user experience from ‘click one’ is ever so often neglected. This becomes especially true if the Portal aims to be a self-service Portal. Consider the following questions for your requirements gathering:

Another area to pay attention to are requirements to the user-out process. This time it is not so much about user experience, but rather important to the management of data quality and integrity. Here are some questions for guidance:

User Support
The last area in user management that I would like to share my best practices on is the user support. A first class user support can be a game changer and drive user adoption massively. Imagine a self service portal, which is designed to be intuitive, but leaves the majority of users puzzled for some of the core functionalities. Or that they regularly experience bugs/malfunctions in their everyday usage. Hence, here are some questions to drive the requirements gathering:

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Let’s have a closer look at best practices for gathering requirements for accessibility in the next blog post - stay tuned.